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Providing Solid Advice And Legal Representation For Employers

Our employment law practice involves representing and advising a wide range of employers, in a variety of industries and on a variety of laws governing the employee-employer relationship.  Our clients include large, international and publicly traded corporations, small locally owned businesses, not-for-profits and government and municipal entities.  The industries we serve include, among others hospitality, industrial manufacturing, food manufacturing, pharmaceutical manufacturing, energy, banking and financial services, legal services, social services, healthcare, security, real estate, retail, and the public sector.  We pride ourselves in providing prompt, practical guidance and advice to our clients, with a goal of helping clients to meet business objectives while promoting a positive work environment and minimizing exposure and liability.

Advice and Counseling

Our employment discrimination and wage and hour practice includes providing “on demand” day-to-day advice to clients, which allows them to make timely and informed decisions when dealing with employees.  This advice may include advice on compliance with employment laws; issues surrounding hiring, terminating employment or issuing disciplinary action; drafting employment agreements, severance agreements and restrictive covenants, as well as advising on the enforceability of such agreements.

We have a robust compliance, audit and training practice.  We are prepared to conduct training for our clients and their employees on a variety of employment related topics. In addition to the New York State required annual sexual harassment training, we regularly provide training on the legal requirements relating to accommodating disabilities in the workplace, the interplay between the Americans with Disabilities Act and the Family and Medical Leave Act and wage and hour compliance.  We draft and review employment policies and handbooks and conduct internal audits for our clients to assess compliance with employment laws and regulations.

We assist our clients with their workplace investigations by providing oversight and guidance as to the conduct of an internal investigation.  We are also available to conduct the investigation on the employer’s behalf, where necessary.

Employment Litigation

We are also there for our clients if an employee commences litigation either by filing a charge with an administrative agency or filing a lawsuit.  We regularly appear on behalf of our clients in administrative proceedings before federal, state and local administrative agencies such as the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the U.S. Department of Labor, the New York State Division of Human Rights and the New York State Department of Labor among others.

In the event of litigation, we are prepared to defend our clients in a wide range of employment-related claims.  We have regularly defended employers in lawsuits involving a single individual, as well as class action lawsuits involving hundreds of employees.  We recognize that each client and each case is unique and tailor our litigation strategy to achieve the best possible result in each case.

Our attorneys pride themselves on the relationships they build with clients.  We strive to learn all that we can about our each client’s business, culture and workplace practices.  We are proud to be trusted advisors to our clients.